Traveling is something I have always been big on. I don't share my dreams to much but defiantly have them. It started out I wanted to do photography a few years back but was really scared. Then finally I took the courses with my little bridge camera (I upgraded thank the lord haha). I begged my friends and sister and anyone who was in front of me to PLEASE be my models (memories for sure!) Before I realized it, I was photographing families, dogs, couples until I did my first wedding. After that I knew a few things, I had to stop using my aunt's canon rebel and buy my own. At that time I was working as a full time server at Fatz while working full time at the dermatologist office. I went out and bought MY VERY OWN Canon 60D and a new lens and a Apple desktop. Y'all when I say I was excited that's an understatement!! After that I really put myself out there and taught myself how to run a website, again saved up money to hire a graphic designer to make my brand, made my own business cards, second shot with other photographers, received positive and negative feedback (that's the hard part but it helped me grow as a person) and then FINALLLLYYYYY bought my new Canon Mark iii 5D with a brand new lens. It only took me so many years but I always look my old camera and think back how far I have come. So with that being said I started a bucket list of GOALS & DREAMS when I first started my business.

Travel outside of Lexington, South Carolina for a wedding (checked off!!)

Photograph a wedding at the Biltmore (PRAISE, IT HAPPENED!!)

Keep my business alive for more than one year (check! going 4 years strong!!)

Now I would love to travel and photograph a wedding or anniversary session in these locations:

  • Savannah, GA
  • Hawaii
  • Austin, Tx
  • California
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Jamaica
  • Paris,France

Y'all, I can keep going and going. I would not be where I am though if it wasn't for everyone! This would be A DREAM come true! If you're a bride planning a wedding that goes with these dreams, please reach out!! There could be a discount or incentive with your name on it!

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Simple & Personal

Well here we are 2018 has shown up and man we're almost finished up with the first month! I just wanted to let everyone know what's in store for Ashleigh Donahue Photography for this year since the last time I posted.

I just wanted to start out though by thanking every person who called, texted, sent a card, flowers or just prayed for me. Back on December 28th the Lord called my grandma to be with him in heaven. My life changed quickly within two months & even though I miss that woman like crazy, I know she is cancer free and watching over me. I guess it's just been a little harder than I thought because she was around us 24/7 and always over my shoulder watching me work on wedding pictures or my favorite "I found this to use in your pictures". With that said, I feel like the love and feelings behind my photography has grown even MORE.

So here's what you will see MORE of..

MORE one on one pictures of you and your family laughing, hugging & smiling when I'm behind the camera.

MORE communication from me because friendship is way more important than just a signature on a paper.

I want MORE education on improving my photography to better serve you which means I'll be heading to live workshops (this I'm excited about!)

I've been craving MORE time with friends and family so I plan on finally putting down my phone after dinner and putting my focus on them and get ready for the next steps in my own life.

I really am excited about the growth of my photography but PUMPED about all the goodness that God is bringing into my life. The past few months have been a struggle personally but thankfully I have my friends at work, family at home and my photography clients that have made the past few months a lot easier to handle.



Chasen & Adam // In-Home Lifestyle Session

Chasen & Adam finally have their dream home built and ready to live in! When Chasen was styling my hair one day, all she could talk about was the house her little family would call home soon. Instantly I blurted out that we had to do this session to capture this HUGE moment in all their lives. Hank & Sophie (the dog) LOVE their new home for sure as they were running around and playing during the pictures. This family is just so warming and loving that it shows in every single picture! Thank you guys for inviting me into your NEW BUILT HOME! Let the decorating begin! By the way we threw a little holiday CHEER into one of pictures (can you spot it?!)