Styling Tip 101

The biggest question all my clients ask me is what they should wear to their session?! When I first started photography I honestly thought anything you wanted was fine. Over the years I learned that it DOES MATTER for both people! When you really think about it, when do you get to be in front of a camera and not behind it or taking a selfie?? So it may seem a little silly but when you are planning your engagement, anniversary or just updated professional pictures, I really say get into "going all out!" Buy that dress that you want your soon to be hubby to see you in or dress up for that 5 year  anniversary session!! When I first started recommending having hair and makeup done I thought my clients would look at me like I was crazy! What I found out though is that everyone ended up WAY happier with their portraits and felt more confident during their shoot! As for the fellas, they ended up having a great time spinning their loved one around and bringing her in real close which made for AMAZING and UNPOSED images! So when you plan your next professional photo session with your photographer just take a minute and spice things up! You'll be HAPPY that you did!


Traveling is something I have always been big on. I don't share my dreams to much but defiantly have them. It started out I wanted to do photography a few years back but was really scared. Then finally I took the courses with my little bridge camera (I upgraded thank the lord haha). I begged my friends and sister and anyone who was in front of me to PLEASE be my models (memories for sure!) Before I realized it, I was photographing families, dogs, couples until I did my first wedding. After that I knew a few things, I had to stop using my aunt's canon rebel and buy my own. At that time I was working as a full time server at Fatz while working full time at the dermatologist office. I went out and bought MY VERY OWN Canon 60D and a new lens and a Apple desktop. Y'all when I say I was excited that's an understatement!! After that I really put myself out there and taught myself how to run a website, again saved up money to hire a graphic designer to make my brand, made my own business cards, second shot with other photographers, received positive and negative feedback (that's the hard part but it helped me grow as a person) and then FINALLLLYYYYY bought my new Canon Mark iii 5D with a brand new lens. It only took me so many years but I always look my old camera and think back how far I have come. So with that being said I started a bucket list of GOALS & DREAMS when I first started my business.

Travel outside of Lexington, South Carolina for a wedding (checked off!!)

Photograph a wedding at the Biltmore (PRAISE, IT HAPPENED!!)

Keep my business alive for more than one year (check! going 4 years strong!!)

Now I would love to travel and photograph a wedding or anniversary session in these locations:

  • Savannah, GA
  • Hawaii
  • Austin, Tx
  • California
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Jamaica
  • Paris,France

Y'all, I can keep going and going. I would not be where I am though if it wasn't for everyone! This would be A DREAM come true! If you're a bride planning a wedding that goes with these dreams, please reach out!! There could be a discount or incentive with your name on it!

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Monet & Paris // Anniversary Session

I seriously can not believe it's been a year since this AMAZING couple said "I DO." I remember the first time I met Monet at a get together and saw Paris right there beside her. My first thought was how cool their names were together! After that evening we all ended up becoming good friends and when they asked me to do their wedding I was THRILLED! Big side story (they were my second wedding that I had ever done and man was I thankful for them because that's when I knew wedding photography was my calling) So when they asked me do their anniversary session a few weeks back, naturally I was smiling from ear to ear!! Paris though honestly loves and cares for Monet, he looks out for her, makes her smile and giggle without even trying and holds her close to him through everything (even when its freezing cold during pictures). Monet stands by his side and enjoys life right there with him, traveling all over the place or even sitting around a fire. She talks so highly of her husband and keeps a humble smile on his face. So when I sent their anniversary gallery I thought back to their wedding day and how these sweet souls will be there for each other through this life. I love the beauty that shines throughout their session! Congratulations to the first year of marriage!!